At Covenant Eyes, we believe in celebrating all victories, big or small! That’s why this year, we’re excited to announce our second-ever Victory Week, June ?-?, 2022—a week committed to the sharing and celebration of finding victory over porn.

Real Life Victory Stories

There have been years in my life where a day didn’t pass without me watching porn. But now, I am entering a life where there are free days, and free weeks. I am hoping one day to have free months and years. It is hard, it has many ups and downs. But I can look at my girlfriend, my friends and family, and I can know I am getting better for them. That is freedom.

I used to be heavily addicted to porn. I couldn’t spend a week without watching porn. Even after I got saved and started going to church, this problem persisted. My pastor recommended me this app and I started using it to keep myself accountable. God did a miracle after I made this decision. I’ve been porn free for over 6 months now and I’ve never felt so victorious. Thank God and thank Covenant Eyes!

With CovenantEyes I've been able to be free from porn for 4 weeks. I've had victory in the past without it, but it didn't last. It hasn't been easy. As a Christian, my fleshly desires are always there wanting to go back to porn, but the fact that I have accountability is helping me stay away from it...He is pleased with every small step you take to gain victory over this. You are not alone!

Since starting Covenant eyes, I can proudly say I have been porn free for 2 years and 4 days. I have had immeasurable love, support, and encouragement from my family and my wife. I finally feel like I don't have this dark cloud/dirty secret that's just waiting to be found out.

Covenant Eyes gave me the first steps I needed to get clean. I have now been clean for 4 years, am recently married, and have a deeper connection with God.

My Husband has been freed through Christ from his previous porn addiction for over a year now. God is restoring what sin divided in our marriage and Covenant Eyes played a big role in accountability for my husband and many others.

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