Join a brotherhood of men

committed to living porn free


Stronger Together.

Covenant Eyes and the Samson Society are working together to provide online group meetings where men like you can find support and encouragement.

Join with Christian men in honest conversation about personal experiences in a safe, confidential environment. Samson Society trained hosts keep the meetings on track, following a set format. 

Group meetings are a great way to find another man to serve as your Ally. This person (Samson Society calls them a “Silas”) is there to support you on your journey. We love this concept, and we think it is a natural fit for the biblical model of accountability. You might recall from the Book of Acts that Silas was the Apostle Paul’s supporting companion! 

Let’s Get Started.

Before you can join the Samson Society officially, you must attend a Newcomer Meeting. Simply click the button below, select one of the available times on the Samson Society website and click “SEND ME AN INVITE”.

You may attend a Newcomer Meeting using your computer, tablet or phone.

Step 1: Attend a Newcomer Meeting. 


Step 2: Find a Samson Group

After attending the Newcomer Meeting, you will be invited to enjoy a free Samson Society membership, which will unlock all of the tools of the Samson Society, including
its website and apps.

Step 3: Find Your Silas

Once you are a Samson Society member, you may choose to join other Covenant Eyes members in groups sponsored by us! Your Samson Group is the best place to find someone to walk along your life journey with you. Of course, you can also choose any Samson Society group that fits your schedule (not only the ones sponsored by us.)

See you next session!

Join a brotherhood of men committed to living porn free