My Wife Caught Me Looking at Porn

Today, over 20,000 other people will also visit our website. Which is why we can say with confidence that you are not alone. Are you feeling guilty? Many do during this phase. Do you think you’re a horrible person? That’s shame and that’s NOT who you are.

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We know this is a sensitive matter. Don’t worry, the only people who will know are the people you invite to walk this journey with you.

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Blurred screenshots are encrypted using AES 256 bit encryption (The same encryption as your bank) and sent over HTTPS . We never send unblurred screenshots.

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Keep reading. We want to help you and your marriage weather this storm.

Let’s get serious about quitting. Whether it’s setting goals, creating a list of things you can do instead of watching porn, or finally reaching out to someone you trust, make a plan of attack.

Each person’s plan is going to look different, but the important part is that you have a plan.

With no course of action, you will find it incredibly difficult to overcome temptation. We’re pretty sure you know exactly what we’re talking about.

Where do I start?

Recommended Resources

Learn more about how porn impacts your life


STRIVE is a powerful 21-day porn detox that helps men understand why they go to porn in the first place and why they should break free. It equips men with the knowledge, tools, and accountability needed to quit porn and begin to live the life to which God is calling them.


Sometimes, it takes the support and perspective of a trusted friend to fully understand our actions. You’ve probably tried to quit on your own. It’s not easy.

The best way to break the cycle is to
remove shame and isolation by opening up to a friend and asking them to be an ally in your fight against porn.

This is where Covenant Eyes’ secure system can help. Our software scans the, screen for explicit content, creates reports of device activity, uses the highest encryption, and sends a report to your ally.

Triggers are habitual responses caused by specific events. For those struggling with porn, there will be situations and events that will trigger a desire to watch porn.

For some, this will be stress – hard workdays. Or maybe yelling matches with people you love. Your trigger then leads to thumbing through your phone and watching porn. Boredom, hunger, and tiredness are other common triggers.

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For over 20 years, Covenant Eyes has used software and content to help over a million people quit porn.

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Hobbies and Habits

Your Brain on Porn

Can your hobbies and daily habits really help you find freedom from porn? Learn how to harness the power of habit to quit porn for good.

Pornography changes how you think. Learn the five ways porn warps your brain and five Biblical ways to renew your mind.

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An ally is someone who you can choose to receive your Covenant Eyes reports. If you can't think of someone right now, that's fine. An ally is important, but it's more important to just get started.

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