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Amanda Zurface

Church Outreach Specialist

Covenant Eyes is committed to helping your church win the battle against pornography. We have a team of professionals with decades of experience ready to help you today.

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At Covenant Eyes, we care about you and those you serve. We have crafted resources that specifically address particular needs for the people in your church. Click on each image below to explore the resources we recommend.

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Female Porn Users

Why They Watch and How to Help.

Counseling Wives

Helping Them Heal After Their Husband’s Porn Use

Protecting Minors and Their Families

The Prepared Ministry

Policies That Heal and Protect From Porn

Men and Porn

Why They Watch and How to Help.

Karen Potter

Director of Marketing for Church and Affiliate Partnership Programs

Brandon Clark

Church Marketing Specialist

Rob Stoddard

Church Outreach Specialist