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We love providing software and content to ministry leaders like you who know families and individuals who have felt the devastating effects of pornography.

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Women make up 30% of all pornography users (Barna). Compulsive sexual behaviors are not just problems for men. They’re human problems.

Female Porn Users is a new resource that will offer you:


STRIVE: 21-Day Porn Detox

Learn more about STRIVE and why it has helped so many men in the church overcome pornography.


The Prepared Ministry

Protecting Minors & Their Families

This resource will give you practical tips to address porn in your ministry through staff training, ministry policies, member resources, and more!

This resource will equip pastors and church leaders to reach the children of the church in their fight against pornography.

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We provide regular, free, 1-hour seminars for ministry leaders. Covenant Eyes brings together the best minds in pornography recovery, sex addiction, trauma recovery and counseling, plus pastors and ministry leaders who have been on the front lines helping people in the church.

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Female Porn Users

The top 4 reasons women are attracted to porn

Lies women believe about their porn use

Actions steps to help you counsel women who are struggling

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STRIVE is a powerful 21-Day Porn Detox that helps men understand why they go to porn in the first place, why they should break free, and equips them with the tools they need to quit using porn and begin living the life to which God is calling them.

STRIVE has helped over 40,000 men transform their lives in ways they never thought possible. 

Is STRIVE right for your men? Check it out for yourself and see!

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