Safe Digital Family Challenge

Get the tools and knowledge you need to form, protect and guide your children in a sexualized world with the 
Safe Digital Family Challenge! 

Do you want to more fully understand how the internet is impacting your children? Do you need help teaching your children to say no to pornography, while at the same time forming them in a broader understanding of their God-given identity and sexuality?

When you take the Safe Digital Family 7 Day Challenge, you will learn how to create safer digital environments for yourself and others. Join thousands of parents from around the country in taking the Challenge!

7 Days of Helpful Digital Parenting Tips! 

In the 7 Day challenge, you'll learn about...

  • Protecting Kids on YouTube
  • Setting Restrictions on iPhone and iPad
  • The Importance of Accountability
  • Preparing Kids for Social Media
  • How to Have Critical Conversations
  • ...and more!