I Want To Help My Friend Quit Porn

Today, over 20,000 other people will also visit our website. Some of them want to quit watching porn. Others (like you) are here to help someone they care about quit. 

Maybe you’re feeling uncertain about how to be a good ally for your friend or aren’t sure how to talk to them about their struggle. We get it, the subject of porn can be awkward. Maybe you didn’t realize porn was even that big of a deal, and you’re here looking for some answers. Or maybe you’ve never heard of Covenant Eyes until now and you’re trying to learn a little about us.

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How Covenant Eyes Helps Your Friend

If your friend is already a member, that’s awesome. If not, click the button to give them their first 14 days free!

100% Confidential

We know this is a sensitive matter. Don’t worry, the only people who will know are the people your friend invites to walk this journey with them—like yourself.

Safe and Secure

A secure and private feed of your friend's activity is delivered to you through the Victory App. We never send un-blurred screenshots—so you don’t have to worry about seeing details you don’t want to see.

We know our service will help your friend in their journey to find freedom from pornography, but if they don’t love it in 30 days, we’ll give them a full refund. Learn more.

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Where do I start?

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Learn more about how porn impacts your life.


Starting an accountability relationship can seem a little intimidating. What do you say? Where do you start? Don't worry; we've got you! Allied is the culmination of everything we've learned over 20 years of helping people quit porn with accountability.


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How We Can Help

For over 20 years, Covenant Eyes has used software and content to help over a million people quit porn. Watch the video below to learn how it works.

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The Porn Circuit

Your Brain on Porn

Science shows us that using pornography impacts our neurochemistry, and can quickly lead to using porn habitually. Discover why people become obsessed with pornography, and how to break the cycle of porn use in The Porn Circuit.

Pornography changes how you think. Learn the five ways porn warps your brain and five Biblical ways to renew your mind.

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Ok, let’s take a quick test. Take a deep breath, and then answer these two quick questions:

1. Are you breathing? 
2. Do you care about the person who asked you to be their ally?

If you answered yes to these two questions, then you already have 99% of everything you need to be an amazing ally!

We’ve been doing this a long time and you know what we’ve learned? The best allies don’t always have all the answers, and that’s ok. They aren’t the ones with special degrees or training. They don’t need to know complicated prayers or have the book of Proverbs memorized. The best allies are willing to help, they are trustworthy, and they care about their friend. Chances are, they are just like you.

With Covenant Eyes, allies are sent reports that contain screenshots of their friend's online activity (don’t worry, we’ll hide explicit content), check-in with their friend on a regular basis, ask helpful questions, and provide encouragement to their friend on their journey to quit porn. 

Five Essentials for Living Porn Free.

Why is Accountability so Important?

Why is Porn so Darn Addictive?

Allied: Fighting Porn With Accountability, Faith, and Friends

Users purchasing Covenant Eyes via In-App Purchasing are not eligible for the 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

An ally is someone who you can choose to receive your Covenant Eyes reports. If you can't think of someone right now, that's fine. An ally is important, but it's more important to just get started.

How Covenant Eyes Helps Your Friend

If your friend is already a member, that’s awesome. If not, click the button to give them their first 14 days free!